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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton

On Being a Mama

I'm thankful for the opportunity to contribute to Mom's Timeout. Below is a clickable list of my writing to date organized by topic.

On Being a First-time Mama
5 Important Lessons for First-Time Mamas
10 Ways to Tell You're a First-time Mom
6 Things That Surprised Me The Most as a New Mom

On Adjusting
How Quickly Things Change
6 Reasons Being a Mama Wasn't at all What I Imagined

On What's Important
Don't Steal My Firsts
6 Things I Promise You
4 Things I Hope My Son Inherits From His Daddy
Making Wishes
6 Ways That I Know My Son Is Growing Up

On Schedules
The 8 PM Rule
Fighting the Sleep Battle - Or Not
6 Ways to Stay Sane When You're a Fulltime Working Mom

On Marriage and Making it Work
Somewhere in the Middle

On Organizing
10 Tips to Tame the Toys
10 Tips for Putting Together the Perfect Nursery

On Doing Things DIY-Style
6 Tips for Decorating on a Budget
5 Reasons Why I Hate Remodeling

On Being the Keeper of the Memories
Memory-keeping Mama-style
4 Things That I Do For Me
What I Want to Remember

On Doing the 9-to-5 Thing
Finding That Work/Life Balance
What Going Back to Work Is Really Like
4 Reasons Why I Love Daycare
4 Ways My Husband Can Tell I Took a Sick Day

On First Year Favorites
First Year Baby Items I Would Buy Again In A Heartbeat
5 Favorite Baby Toys

On Advice
The Sleep Advice That I Could've Done Without

On Pregnancy and Labor & Delivery
When the Birth Plan Unravels
What to Pack
6 Things to Love About Maternity Leave

On Infertility
Reflections on Infertility

On Things to Do
6 Things That Are On My Bucket List For This Year

On a Much Lighter Note
5 Things That Amaze Me About Having Babies and Dogs
If My Son Could Post Status Updates on Facebook
5 Reasons Why I Love Weekends
6 Things That I Want My Son To Experience From My Childhood

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