Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


document the bump: 32 weeks.

a few days late this week - sorry about that! lots of acid reflux and a seemingly never-ending migraine, so... ended up in bed fairly early last night and the night before.

how far along am I? 32 weeks.
weight gain? still 140 lbs.
how am I feeling? tums are still my best friend.
what am I thinking? you know, all the people that told me that I started putting together his room entirely too early obviously don't have adhd. I knew i'd still be making changes at the last minute. lol...
what am I eating? bbq chicken pizza, velveeta shells and cheese - basically, i'm a creature of habit in every way, shape, and form...
cravings? yoohoo
what am I looking forward to? the little guy's birthday.
how's the little one doing? still movin' around in there...
what's on my to do list? I haven't accomplished anything in the last week, so... see last week's to do list, if you're curious.
baby gaga says? "In the latest womb reports, your amazing baby has now developed sensitivity to temperature!" silly me made the mistake of telling my husband this, so now he thinks it's funny to chase me around and try to put cold things on my belly. lol...

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  1. What a fun way to document your pregnancy! I had tons of heartburn with my daughter and everyone kept telling me it meant that she would have lots of hair, She was born with LOTS of hair. I love those "old wives tales" -- especially since I'm an old wife now!

    Keep checking in, it's fun to see you progress and prepare for your blessing.


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