studio sunday. small embellishments.

I've mentioned before that I need to start getting ready for the baby.

before I can start working on the baby's room, I need to figure out a plan for all of my stuff. there's no way around having to condense, so... no matter how you look at it, i'm going to be moving into a smaller space. nothing short of a miracle will change that at this point.

if you take a look at the two black wire shelves, you can see all of my small embellishments are in open-top containers - the muffin tin, the little divided serving trays, the dessert dishes, etc.

I put all of the above on my desk...

these are, more or less, all of the small embellishments.

I went through everything and sorted... this is what I ended up with. much better, right?

have you reorganized anything lately simply to make it more space efficient? leave me a comment and tell me about it.

have a great week!


  1. I put my smallest embellishments in these: http://kathleendriggers.com/brad-eyelet-organization/ They aren't cheap but they hold SO MUCH stuff!!!!

  2. Looks good! I bought myself a cute little bowl that's on my desk to hold oddball embellishments that might otherwise be forgotten since everything else has a home. :)

  3. Your little embellies look so cute in the jars. I will be on a reorganizing/condensing task right after Christmas, getting ready for our annual NYE party. It's particularly distressing because my scrap area is a part of our family room!

  4. Oh, how I would love to be organized! Great job!

  5. love the jars! I just have a little draw i called my treasure box that has random embellishments in it lol


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