studio sunday - is cleaning up really necessary?

fair warning, this is going to be an epic-length post - lots of words, links, and pictures. hope you enjoy it!

so, a while back, i mentioned rearranging and reorganizing... yea, as with everything else in life these days - that's not happenin'. why? I've, more or less, decided there's no point anymore. in a few months, i'm losing this space anyhow. in the meantime, is cleaning up really necessary? lol...

here are a few pics of the way my space has looked since... oh, i don't know... since i found out i was pregnant, maybe... 

i don't generally post pics unless this space is immaculate, but this is another one of the many things i want to document during this pregnancy. this is going to be a huge change. i've been here and in this room for the last 7+ years. when dh asked me to move up here with him way back when - before we were married - the condition was that i got this space to use as a studio. i was incredibly adamant about it. needless to say, i wasn't taking no for an answer... and guess what i got?

i'm still not entirely sure where i'm going to end up... i'm really hoping dh manages to finish the enclosed porch before i need to start getting this room ready for the baby. if that's the case, i'll end up there. otherwise, it'll be "so long and farewell." i'll be moving into a corner of our bedroom, which means downsizing and a whole lot of this stuff getting packed away.

talk about bittersweet! so excited to become a mama, but so wish we had more space. lol...

if you're curious how i'm currently storing specific things, keep reading... i've included links and pictures where i could.

paper is stored in several places...  i need a few more cropper hoppers - anyone willing to part with a few of the older style ones? lol... solid colored cardstock is sorted in cropper hopper minis in the closet. there's also a cropper hopper full of solid colored cardstock and a few packs of bazzill white on one of the shelves. patterned paper is in the 11 cropper hoppers on the bottom shelf of the black wire rack. there are also 2 cropper hoppers in the closet with all the newer patterned paper. 6x6 paper pads are on a shelf in the closet for now.

scraps are in the the iris case organizers. they're sorted by color. anything smaller than 12x12 is considered a scrap. for more on scraps, look here.

there is one photo box full of older 35mm photos on the top shelf in the closet. other than that, i print photos only as i need them.

ideas are mostly stored digitally via pinterest.

projects, unfinished pages, and kits
the studio calico boxes in the closet are unfinished projects. the iris cases are themes - valentines, halloween, christmas, etc. the baskets in front of the bookcases are full of kits and collections. christmas kits are on my desk and on my floor - somehow, i ended up with two this year. 

embellishments are all over the place. the pink baskets lined up on the two black wire racks are all full of embellishments in their packaging. the white 3-section trays and muffin tins are full of loose embellishments. there are jars of buttons and other small odds 'n ends. the little wire 3-tier rack sitting on the floor is full of flair and enamel dots. i've been using one of those clear divided tackle-type boxes for wood veneers. for more on embellishments, look here, here, and here.

alphas are in the top tray of the raskog cart. thickers are in the bottom tray.

non-alpha stickers and rub-ons
non-alpha stickers are in the top tray of the raskog cart. rub-ons are on a jump ring, hanging on the closet door.

ribbon, fibers, and thread
ribbon and fibers are in jars on the infamous black bookcases. there is also some in the two pink canvas baskets - mostly colors i don't use very often. twine is in one of the pink baskets on the black wire racks. thread is in one of those clear divided tackle-type boxes.

stamps are in two of the black canvas baskets on the black wire racks - one for clear stamps and one for wood-mounted stamps. also, there are two little baskets on the infamous black bookcases that have all of my most-used art journaling stamps in them.

ink, ink pads, and embossing supplies
ink - distress inks are lined up on the iris case organizers. all other ink, ink pads, and embossing supplies are on the infamous black bookcases in baskets. mists are on a 2-tier serving tray.

paint, glitter, and stickles
paint - distress paints are lined up on the infamous black bookcases. all other paint, glitter, and stickles are on the infamous black bookcases in baskets.

punches are in one of the black canvas baskets on the black wire racks.

tools are all over the place - just like embellishments. there are tools in the clear acrylic cups on the shelves. there is a bucket of tools on the infamous black bookcases. the tools i use the most, though, are in the dish on my desk.

there are some small chipboard embellishments in the nm sl bowl on the black wire rack. there are some chipboard letters in a basket on the infamous black bookcases. there are chipboard sheets up on the top shelf in the closet.

die cuts
die cuts are in the little iris cases in front of the infamous black bookcases as well as in the middle tray of the raskog cart. for more about die cuts, look here.

pens and pencils
these are scattered. some are in the clear acrylic cups on the shelves. some are in the dish on my desk. also, there are two little baskets on the infamous black bookcases that have all of my most-used art journaling pens and pencils in them.

dies for die cutting machines
i think i might have one - it would be in one of the two black canvas baskets in the closet.

just like my rub-ons, these are on a jump ring hanging on the closet door.

project life supplies
the newest project life kits i've bought are still in their original boxes. they're stacked on the black wire rack beside my project life tray. everything else i've bought for project life is organized in the tray.

ok, i think that's, more or less, everything... and to think, i've spent years trying to get this space just right. i'll definitely miss it. lol...

here's to hoping that dh kicks it into high gear because were' running out of time.

if i missed anything you're interested in, definitely let me know... have you upsized (i'm not even sure that's a word) or downsized? how did it work out for you? was it a blessing in disguise? was it a complete disaster? leave me a comment and tell me all about it - i'd love to know what i'm getting myself into.

and don't forget to follow me if you're interested in updates as everything comes to together - wherever i end up... 

have a great week!


  1. I downsized from a room to half the guest room when I was pregnant with our first. It was a huge blessing. That's when I did the 2010 in 2010 challenge. It streamlined my supplies, which hyper focused my energies on creating, and really bolstered my creativity and problem solving with my layouts. I have downsized again from that to a pantry closet, and it is harder this time. Mostly though because I have no time to really work on maintaining it. I need to simplify once again--basically I didn't downsize enough! Which is part of why I wanted to do 2014 in 2014. I'm looking forward to tearing my space apart and being ruthless with supplies and starting fresh.

  2. I recently downsized as well, but more so just shoved half a room into the other half lol. My husband and I adopted a baby girl in July and we had 12 days from learning about her to being handed her seconds after birth. My scrap room went from a nice cozy office/craft room to a nursery with my scrapbook stuff occupying about half the room. The hardest part was I really wanted to get to work using up products and purging out but it's impossible with a newborn and you want to soak up every single moment with them at that age as it is gone SO FAST. Now I have a giggling, babbling four month old who sleeps about 5 hours a day napping, but I can't scrap like I used to because all my stuff is trapped in the room she is sleeping in!! So just like Ann Marie, 2014 is going to be the year to bust a TON of stash and stream line my process. I have TONS of photos to scrap now but not nearly the time or energy and trapped supplies is another frustration. I am going to put together kits and start busting away in January. I am throwing out scraps these days or making a card immediately with them....no place to store them and no time to get back to them! I can't wait to see where you end up and how will change for you all....all for the better!! Best of luck! So so exciting!!

  3. I want to sit down and make stuff! You are much tidier than I am, and more organized, for sure. When we moved into this big house, the way it's laid out I didn't get a scrap room anymore. So I have stuff stuffed in my bedroom and drag it out to the breakfast table - not fun! I hope you get the enclosed porch! And congrats on the baby :)

  4. We live in a small space too and I still managed to make room for my scrappy stuff :). And no I don't think clean up is necessary lol

  5. Thank you for your blog comment! I didn't take before/after photos, guess that would have been smart but with limited time it was just get it done more than anything else. We got rid of an "L" shaped desk and moved the computer on top of my 8 foot countertop. We also installed a floor to ceiling cupboard in the closet area and took the sliding doors off the closet and added a hanging clothing bar across from the side of the closet to the wall. Underneath my countertop I have what used to be an aquarium stand my husband made and it has been transformed into basically three cupboards. My daughter has two dressers and the clothing bar. My scrap supplies have the cupboard in the closet and the three across in the aquarium stand plus the counter top and some shelving above it. I really want to use up a lot more stash or get rid of it as I'd love more room for her stuff (diaper boxes reside next to her crib and I'd LOVE for them to be out of sight....still working on it....it gets easier to have time to yourself at about 3-4 months when they sleep more and give you some good nap time to create or get things done. Excited for you!

  6. I say the more time you spend cleaning, the less time you can spend crafting. At least that's how I justify putting off cleaning. LOL.

  7. Hi Christi! My name is Heather and I was wondering if you would be able to answer a question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  8. This is definitely a case of when one door closes one opens.... Sure your room is finally the way it you want it but who knows you might come up with a better solution. It all will work out!