document the bump: 15 weeks.

finally took the time to start working on my album - all of the pics I've taken thus far are printed. go me! lol... hoping to start putting it together sometime soon. that's the goal, atleast. we shall see.  

how far along am I? 15 weeks.
weight gain? 1 lb. - from 114-115 lbs. 
how am I feeling? irritable, but we're finally getting to the point where i'm not napping every evening.
what am I thinking? men should seriously get the opportunity to experience pregnancy, along with labor and childbirth. you never know, it may make them more empathetic - just a thought...
how's the bump? getting rounder every day.  
what am I eating? fish sticks and velveeta shells & cheese, ham, graham crackers, ham & cheese omelettes.
cravings? fish sticks and velveeta shells & cheese, ham & cheese omelettes.
this week's shopping list? bananas, strawberry & banana yogurt, salad, fish sticks, orange tangerine juicy juice.  
what i'm wearing? loving these little fitted v-neck tees - i have a white one, a gray one, and a black one...
boy or girl? i still say boy - everyone else seems to think girl. 
what am I looking forward to? january, hands down... finding out if this is a boy or a girl, st. louis, and, hopefully, feeling the little one's kicks soon. 
reading any good books? still reading what to expect when you're expecting.
what's on my to do list? designing some hand-stamped metal jewelry.  
baby gaga says? Your adorable four-inch break-dancer is busy cutting a rug inside their dance studio, even if you still can't feel it.


  1. You're adorable! A one-pound weight gain? That's really something!