color me crazy. call me lazy...

ok, I seriously haven't felt like doing anything... being pregnant is kicking me in the you-know-what. the only thing I've accomplished this week thus far is organizing my copics by color and coloring the color chart... i'm makin' progress... someday, it'll be finished...

in the meantime, check out the pinterest board I started - copics. even better, take a look at this one - color of the day. isn't it amazing? jennifer dove started the color of the day series on her blog. love them, especially because i'm still, more or less, clueless. lol...

if anyone is curious what sets these are, I got the papercrafting sketch 72 set a and the papercrafting sketch 72 set b.

also, here's the link to the copic color chart i'm using.

I also have a few of the blending trios headed my way. hopefully, i'll get those in the next day or so...

hoping to have some free time, maybe, this weekend. watched a few tutorials last weekend... I wouldn't mind coloring along w/ a few this weekend...

have a great day!


  1. At least you're getting that project done or started! Have no idea what colors I have and I need to do this....one of these days! LOL! Good for you!

  2. Great! I love filling in my chart. I guess that is a great joy for us "newbies". I am headed to check out your links. I get Chritmas-New Year week off so I can color, color, color.....YAY

  3. Oh I love this chart? Where did you get it from? I soooo need to do this with my Copics!

    1. tegan - I added the link for the copic color chart i'm using. hope it helps! thanks so much! ;)

  4. Glad you've managed to get a little done!

  5. Great idea to make it much easier on you!!

  6. Hopefully you can get back in the swing soon love the color chart you made of your Copics


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