we interrupt our regularly-scheduled post to bring you... well, torque's supposed to be having surgery tomorrow.

more often then not, you can look forward to a studio sunday post on monday morning... this weekend, though, I got a little side-tracked spending time with the husky. i'm dropping him off in the morning for one final test - a contrast xray - and exploratory abdominal surgery.

the vet said that they'll keep him overnight for one, if not two, nights - and then it's going to be a very long two weeks taking care of him as he recovers because he's going to be stuck in the house with us - definitely not his favorite place to be. there's no doubt that he's a husky. lol...

as it stands right now, there's a page half-finished on my desk for our christmas story album. hoping to get a mixed media & art journaling monday post up late tomorrow night and, maybe, finish that other page up wednesday.

for anyone that's curious, they're expecting to find an ectopic ureter - there's about a 60-75% chance of surgery alone fixing it - that's the goal, but if that doesn't do it, there's a medication he can take that raises the odds to 90%. either way, here's to hoping for a cure...

i'm not going to get too terribly far into detail on here, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or even email me: cristi.aston@live.com.

and because this post is useless without pictures, here's a few from throughout the six or so months since we adopted him.


ok, blogger has been acting weird lately if i try to upload multiple pictures and resize them - not sure why. sorry about that!

the sad part? not one of these pictures has been scrapbooked yet. oh, there's always so many things to do. lol...

have a great week!


  1. I hope he does well. I know it is very stressful when we have to send our furry friends for surgery so I am sending hugs your way x

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that the surgery will work and that he recovers quickly from the procedure! Oh, and those pictures will be lovely to scrapbook!!

  3. Oh, goodness!! I hope he gets better soon!

  4. He's beautiful. I hope everything will go well!

  5. He's beautiful, I hope everything goes well

  6. Ohhhh, my heart goes out to you... my furkids are my babies, so I know how quickly and deeply a bond forms. Good luck!