sometimes, it just never ends...

sometime really soon i'll go back to talking about scrapbooking, I promise. for now, though, I wanted to give an update on torque... I also wanted to thank everyone that left their well wishes yesterday.

for anyone that missed the initial post, you can read it here.

this post is going to be long. feel free to skip around or read bit and pieces. also, this is medical-related, so if you're squeamish about things like that, it might not be a good read for you.


someone said something that really resonated with me today... "you don't usually want them to have anything wrong, but in this case.....you do!" it's true, you know.

everyone was so confident that torque had an ectopic ureter - sure enough that when I dropped him off the other morning, I paid a deposit equal to the low estimate for his surgery and we made arrangements for me to pick him up tuesday at the earliest. I expected to get a call later that day that they found it and he was going into surgery.

that was in no way, shape, or form what ended up happening.

rewind... I dropped him off at 7am monday morning. I got a call late in the afternoon on monday that he was having some digestive troubles, so they couldn't do the contrast xray. they wanted to keep him overnight and try again the next morning. this afternoon, I get a call around lunchtime that, anatomically, he's normal - no ectopic ureter.

wait. what? yea, you heard me right... no ectopic ureter - and now, we're right back where we started with him. we've ruled out infections/metabolic issues/anatomical and structural issues/muscular issues... basically, all the "horses" - you know, all the common stuff. now, I guess we start looking for "zebras." I won't even get into how much money we've spent. suffice it to say, he's really lucky that he has such an awesome personality.

i'm not really sure where to go from here. his surgeon and internal medicine dr. are going to talk - see if they can come up w/ any ideas between the two of them.   

in the meantime, I still have a leaky dog, which probably wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't the middle of winter, but... I can't crate him because that's not fair for obvious reasons. I can't leave him outside if the temperature hits an extreme either way. I can't leave him in the house unless I want to be up/out with him every hour or two...

this whole situation just makes me want to cry. I honestly feel as if i'm beating my head against a wall with this, but i'm really not ready to give up yet. he and thor get along beautifully - they love eachother. he is so sweet and adorable. on our way home today, he nuzzled his head on my shoulder, as if giving me hugs and I started crying.

he wants to be here with us - he's made that very clear. huskies are known to be runners - not this one. I open the door, let them out, and he stays on our property. when he's ready to come back in, he comes to the door. that little red/gray/black velcro band around his waist? yea, he's really good about that too. he comes in and lets me put it back on him. it's a condition of being in the house - it protects my floors. lol...

I love him. it's just so frustrating taking care of him all the time - all the accidents and sleepless nights. it's really starting to feel like there's no end in sight.

here's to hoping that someone can come up w/ something really soon to help him.

if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment or email me: cristi.aston@live.com.

have a great day!


  1. Oh my goodness! ((hugs)) to you!! I absolutely feel for you. I'll just share a little bit with you .... I used to complain about my basset hound, who was VERY stubborn, set in his ways, a food thief, possessive, always getting into the trash ... and, was on seizure meds but would still have tremors (think involuntary movement like Michael J Fox) pretty often. He started having "accidents" in the house very frequently. He was pretty old, getting stiff with arthritis, developing cataracts, his ears were always stinky and dirty ... he was a complete mess, but I loved him dearly. He and my husband were constantly battling for Alpha Male status, which typically including growling and showing him his ugly "Big Bad Wolf" teeth. I thought it was hysterical that Droopy-Doo didn't want to give up his spot next to me on the couch, or that he would come to bed and curl up on Hubby's pillow and not want to move. He had SOOOO many bad traits or behaviors, but I knew when he was gone, that I would miss all that. About this time last year, I noticed a marked decline in his health, attitude (even worse than 'normal') and energy. I made sure to take lots of pictures, knowing it would probably be his last Christmas and holiday season. He died this past January, and even after 11 months, I still glance at the bathroom trash to see if it was knocked over. I don't miss his accidents, but I do miss his mischief. It made life kind of fun, although it was annoying at the time. The whole reason I tell you this ... treasure your time with Torque (love that name, btw), even if he's dribbly. Take lots of pictures and share your life and love with him, you can always get to scrapbooking them later. As annoying as the dripping may be, know that he can't help it, and love him even with the quirks. :) You will miss those things, believe me! :) Have a wonderful holiday, and please, keep us updated!! :) And, sorry for writing a dang novel in your comments, LOL! :)

  2. I really hope you find some answers soon. He's a beautiful dog.