document the bump: 12 weeks.

so, I mentioned in a post last week that I wanted to spend some time documenting my pregnancy.

ultimately, the content of these posts will end up in my pregnancy album, which i'll definitely share as well... but for right now, I just wanted to get my thoughts down somewhere and this seemed like a good place to do it.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am, so...

how far along am I? 12 weeks.
weight gain? about 10-12 lbs. from quitting smoking + about 4 lbs. that i'm contributing to the pregnancy itself for a net total of about 16 lbs. note: I've always been approximately 90-something lbs. - technically underweight and I'm short - about 5ft. 3in.
how am I feeling? tired - as in taking naps every day, congested, and lots of headaches.
what am I thinking? I can't wait to wrap up the first trimester. I'm really hoping to get some of my energy back. There are so many things on my to do list and none of them are getting done.
how am I exercising? sadly, i'm really not. I can barely make it through work at this point. I come home, sit down, and pass out.
what am I eating? too much of what I shouldn't be and too little of what I should be. 
cravings? cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk, brownies.
this week's shopping list? juicy juice, yoohoo
what i'm wearing? yoga pants, comfy tees, and tennis shoes.
boy or girl? I'm thinking boy, but we won't know for sure until around new year's.
what am I looking forward to? finding out if it's a boy or a girl, moving into a new studio to make room for the baby, and putting together a nursery.
reading any good books? right now, i'm reading eating well when you're expecting.
what's on my to do list? working on getting my etsy shop up and running, learning to quilt.
baby gaga says? my uterus is already the size of a softball and continuing to grow at the rate of about 1cm a week. no wonder i'm starting to get a bump - the little one is already running out of places to hide in there.


  1. Beautiful! Congrats to you! There is nothing better than this!!!!

    1. thanks so much... and I know! it's awesome and exciting all at the same time! lol... ;)

  2. Congrats! Cute little baby belly :)


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