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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


project life ideas from someone who's childfree

in the spirit of sharing, i also made a list of project life ideas...
Photo Ideas -

1.       Exercising

2.       Sunrise

3.       Sunset

4.       Furbabies doing their day-to-day thing

5.       Your desk

6.       Your creative projects

7.       Garage

8.       Where you work

9.       Packages that you get in the mail

10.   Boxes from food that you ordered

11.   What you’re building/fixing

12.   Rearranging

13.   Favorite food

14.   The things you have to do each day

15.   Just hanging out

16.   A mess

17.   Your calendar

18.   Technology

19.   Foods you’ve cooked – include a recipe if you can

20.   Your artwork

21.   Home improvement projects

22.   Wildlife on your property

23.   Bags from shopping

24.   Working on a car/your vehicles

25.   Books you’ve bought/read

26.   Your personal space/studio

27.   Bikes, quads, etc.

28.   You or your s/o

29.   Favorite makeup/hair products

30.   Seasonal upkeep – cutting wood, mowing grass, etc.

31.   Favorite drinks

32.   What’s cooking?

33.   The road you’re traveling on

34.   A walk in the woods

35.   A fun bulletin board

36.   Your journal and a pen/pencil

37.   Cutting down a tree

38.   Boating/Water skiing/Jet skiing

39.   A river

40.   Fireworks

41.   Invitations or thank you notes you’ve sent/received

42.   Scrubbing carpets

43.   Vacuuming/cleaning

44.   Your favorite restaurants

45.   The Olympics/election

46.   A pile of junk around the house

47.   School supplies

48.   School books

49.   Inspiration board

50.   Vacations/weekend trips

51.   Shoes

52.   Demolition derby/county fair

53.   Mini-golfing

54.   A fire – campfire/fire in a wood burner

55.   Basket of something special to you

56.   To do list

57.   A rainbow

58.   A baseball game

59.   The leaves falling off the trees

60.   Storm

61.   Out with friends

62.   Your weight on the scale

63.   Your bed made

64.   You on the computer

65.   Your nieces/nephew/BF’s little ones

66.   You in your jammies

Memorabilia Ideas –

1.       Boating license, marriage license, etc.

2.       Receipts from Two Peas

3.       Class schedule/work schedule

4.       Grade reports

5.       Handwritten notes from your s/o


7.       Lyrics from your favorite songs

8.       Gas/grocery prices

9.       Receipts from restaurants

10.   Bus schedule/parking validation

11.   Cards you’ve received

12.   Wrist bands from special events

13.   Expired driver’s license/ID


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