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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


25 december daily photo ideas from someone who's childfree...

there've been alot of posts lately on two peas, especially from peas without kids, about whether or not doing december daily or project life is really worth it - because they think their lives are boring...

i don't have kids and i've done both project life and december daily this year and i can assure you it's worth it! i love looking at the interesting collection of pictures that represent the everyday stuff that life is made of.

here are 25 december daily photo ideas from someone who's childfree...

1.       Elf on the Shelf in the box

2.       Elf on the shelf, on a shelf

3.       The Tupperware boxes with the Christmas tree in them

4.       The Christmas tree

5.       Thor lying on my bed

6.       Pillsbury cinnamon rolls – my favorite snack

7.       My order from Two Peas

8.       DH welding something in the garage

9.       The scrap yard where I work when it’s raining

10.   What’s on my desk

11.   Thor lying on the lounge chair in our bedroom

12.   “Screenshot” from the Elf on the Shelf TV special

13.   DH working on the plow on our new truck

14.   One of the canvases I made

15.   December sunrise

16.   DH and his dad working on the truck

17.   My BF’s little guy

18.   My Yule candles

19.   Thor, lying on the floor, eating a wrapping paper tube

20.   The Christmas presents under the tree

21.   My desk, working on Brave Girl Art School

22.   DH and I together in front of his mom’s Christmas tree

23.   Thor lying in front of the Christmas tree

24.   Thor playing in the snow we got the day after Christmas

25.   Thor lying on the floor with the wrapping paper from DH’s present



  1. I have a single friend without kids who claims she doesn't have enough going on for PL, which is nuts because she's always out with friends, traveling, volunteering, etc. Basically all the things I can't find the time for now that I have kids! Personally I don't want my PL to be 300 kid photos! So I don't get that argument...


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