happy half-birthday, little guy!

happy half-birthday, little guy!

it's completely amazing to me how much he's grown and changed already.

these days, him talking to himself or kicking around in his crib wakes me up before his cries do.

at this point, i can put him on the floor with some toys scattered around him and he'll happily play all by himself.

if i sit facing him, he reaches out to touch my face and if thor comes over to him, he pats him on the nose.

he's apparently decided he wants to sleep on his side. i put him down on his back and he's rolls sideways and stretches out.

love this little guy!



growing and changing...

last month, I did a blog post very similar to this, but since baby edward keeps growing and changing, I wanted to post an update - these are the things I want to remember about our day-to-day.

06:00am-07:00am - wake up, wake up the little guy, get dressed, get him changed and dressed, finish gathering everything up that needs to go to work or daycare - make sure his diaper bag is packed, get his bottles put back in his bag, etc. little baby E wants no part of food this early..., which is good for me, but bad for daycare.

07:00am-07:30am - drop the little guy off at daycare and get myself to work because, more than likely, I'm running late. texting my boss to tell him that there's absolutely no way i'm going to make it there on time is sadly becoming a daily occurrence.

12:00pm-03:00pm or 01:00pm-04:00pm - naptime for E. unfortunately, there's no naptime for mama at work. by this point, I've usually woken up enough - in other words, I've finally consumed enough caffeine - to actually focus on something for more than 2 minutes, which makes this my most productive time of the day. on the weekends, this is usually when I do housework.

05:00pm-05:30pm - get off, stop and pick up anything I need as quickly as possible, pick up the little guy, go home.

05:30pm-06:00pm - get the little guy fed and changed.

06:00pm-07:00pm or 08:00pm - most of the time, E takes a 1-2 hr. nap. this is usually my "downtime," meaning I do my best to do absolutely nothing. once in a while, I take a nap too. if I were less tired and more motivated, I would probably spend this time scrapbooking. lol...

07:00pm or 08:00pm-09:00pm - this is usually our time. most evenings, we spend this time in his room. we read, play, sing, etc.

09:00pm-11:30pm - dinnertime for the little guy - now that we're starting solids, this is all kinds of exciting. get the little guy bathed, read a few books, he usually has a bottle, we cuddle, and he generally falls asleep in my arms.

11:30pm - make sure everything is ready for the next morning and get myself to bed.

04:00am-05:00am - E wakes up - sometimes, I can just give him his pacifier or rock him for a few minutes and he falls back asleep. sometimes he has a 2oz. bottle.

obviously, life is unpredictable, especially with little ones - and some days, our schedule doesn't come anywhere near resembling this, but for the most part, this is an average day with little baby E at 5 months old.

have a great weekend!



life, work, balance, and daycare...

I've been reading alot lately - definitely moreso than I've been writing. you know, because I have all of this free time now that I didn't have before. lol...

actually, I just prefer reading to watching tv, so that's what I've been doing during all of the endless hours that I spend feeding the little guy. I multitask quite successfully these days - yay for tablets and touchscreens.

unfortunately, though, I almost never blog anymore. Not because I don't want to, but because I'd so much rather spend that time with the little guy.

this post is my version of "a day in the life," so if you're curious about our day-to-day, keeping reading.

so, what does life actually look like for us these days - you know, with a 4 month old and being back at work fulltime?

let's see...

06:00am-07:00am - wake up, wake up the little guy, get dressed, get him changed and dressed, finish gathering everything up that needs to go to work or daycare. make sure his diaper bag is packed, get his bottles put back in his bag, etc. little baby E wants no part of food this early, which is good for me, but bad for daycare.

07:00am-07:30am - drop the little guy off at daycare and get myself to work because, more than likely, I'm running late. I never actually realized how much harder it was to coordinate getting two people up and dressed and ready to leave.

12:00pm-03:00pm or 01:00pm-04:00pm - naptime at daycare. unfortunately, there's no naptime for mama at work. by this point, I've usually woken up enough - in other words, I've finally consumed enough caffeine - to actually focus on something for more than 2 minutes, which makes this my most productive time of the day. on the weekends, this is usually when I do housework.

05:00pm-05:30pm - get off, stop and pick up anything I need as quickly as possible, pick up the little guy, go home

05:30pm-06:00pm - get the little guy fed and changed. occasionally, he takes a short nap. dinnertime for him - now that we're starting solids, this is all kinds of exciting

06:00pm-09:00pm - cuddle, read, play, sing, etc. this is the only quality time I actually get to spend with him during the week. that's why we're still living out of laundry baskets. lol...

08:00pm-09:00pm - get the little guy bathed, read a book, feed him, cuddle, and get him to bed. get his bottles washed, make sure daddy and I have eaten, and try to get some of the dishes done. get my clothes gathered up for the following day. make sure everything is as together as possible - I do everything I possibly can to ensure the morning goes smoothly. it almost never works - because, you know, things come up - but I try. lol...

11:30pm-12:30pm - this is our first wakeup. sometimes, he wants to eat... sometimes, he just wants his pacifier. alot of the time, he just wants mama.

03:00am-04:00am - this is our second wakeup. he almost always eats about 2oz. this is also about the time of the morning that I'm so tired that he ends up falling asleep on my chest - not exactly where I want him to be, but it's still where he seems to end up.

rinse, lather, repeat - this doesn't change much. I've actually made it a priority to keep his schedule as consistent as possible. lol...


studio sunday - planning a space for me...

one of the things that I realized as I was putting together a space for the little guy is that I love designing - I am completely head over heels for creating spaces!

i'm sure, especially w/ as quiet as I've been lately, you're probably wondering what I've been up to, right?

I've been working on planning a space for me...

I told dh that we have to do something - we are seriously running out of space. right now, my scrapbooking supplies are, more or less, scattered everywhere and taking over our entire house - there are things in his office, in the little guy's closet, in our bedroom, and even in the laundry room. everything else is in the living room.

don't ask me how I managed that. lol...

at any rate, this is my inspiration board thus far: a space for me...

I also have a number of other studio-related pinterest boards, if you're interested in taking a look...

studio spaces
studio spaces in unique places

studio spaces - storage
studio spaces - organization
studio spaces - cool things i've found
studio spaces - project life
studio spaces - finishing touches

we haven't finalized the details yet, so I really can't share much more at the moment, but it looks like my space will be our enclosed porch/sunroom that spans the entire length of the house - about 24 ft.

that definitely presents some design challenges because three walls will be mostly windows, which means I won't have much vertical storage, but I should have quite a bit of horizontal workspace - dh actually mentioned calling and having someone come out and talk to us about windows and doors, so I have that to look forward to sometime really soon. 

if you're interested in following this project from start to finish, definitely follow my blog and keep an eye out for posts tagged "the evolution of my studio." 

have you ever planned a space from the ground up - is there anything you wish you had done differently or anything you wish you'd thought of at the time?

leave me a comment and tell me about it!

have a great week!


everything else can wait

I can't believe a certain little someone is 12 weeks old already. talk about crazy!
for that matter, I can't believe how difficult it is these days to find time to scrapbook. who would've thought?
I'm back at work, though, and the little guy started daycare. by the time we get home in the evening and eat, it's almost time to take a bath and get ready for bed. by that point, i'm exhausted and i'm lucky if i get his bottles washed - that's about it these days.  
I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with him - we sing and play and read and cuddle. he's definitely not getting any younger. i can't even wrap my head around the fact that we're already a quarter of the way through his first year.
I've learned a very valuable lesson already - he's not going to wait, so everything else can... i mean, seriously - this little guy is growing up with or without me...
you know what, though - i'm fairly certain that he has no idea that his daddy and I are basically  living out of laundry baskets or that the floors haven't been vacuumed yet this week or that his baby album isn't even started. lol...

i did, however, manage to find some time to do a little bit of shopping - then again, there's always time for shopping, right? american crafts shimelle and my mind's eye jubilee - got some of each.

some day, i'm sure, there won't be so much chaos and i'll actually get to use the stuff i got. in the meantime, here's to hoping...

have a great week!


being a baby is hard work...

haven't posted in a while because I've been so busy w/ little baby e...

I can't even begin to wrap my head around how fast these first few months have gone. it's so amazing to watch him grow and change.

he's such a handsome little guy! lol...


welcome to the world...

finally got the cover page done for the little guy's baby album - this page has taken me like a month to do because I've only been working on it a minute here or two minutes there. lol...

crazy, right?

someday, i'll get back into a routine. for now, well... yea, not happenin'...

how long did it take you to get into a routine after you had your baby? when did you start working on your little one's baby album? leave me a comment and let me know.

have a great week!


mixed media & art journaling workspace...

it feels like its been forever since I've posted - I guess, in a sense, it has been...

the little guy is finally starting to get a little better with the idea of not being in my arms 24-7, so... today, he spent some time in his bouncer and I spent some time reorganizing my mixed media & art journaling workspace.

this isn't even close to everything, but its what I've managed to get unpacked thus far.

this is the space as a whole... so much for the idea of "pretty," right? lol... I gave up on "pretty" when I moved downstairs - remember, this is an unfinished corner of our living room.

the black mini cubeical has 6x6 paper pads, ink pads, etc. my copics are, ofcourse, in the divided utensil holder on top of it. the making memories embellishment center holds various paints, inks, and stains. the two-tier serving tray hold all of my sprays. the antonius insert in front of it is filled with gelatos and big brush pens. all of my black markers are in there as well.

the two blue tupperware containers are overflow storage from when I started packing. the three iris containers on the left are stamps. there are also a few smaller tupperware containers that hold alcohol inks, embossing powders, etc. on the right.

here are a few more pictures to give you a closer look at everything...


this is my work surface - it's so clean right now... I really need to do something about that. lol...

we'll see how it takes to actually sit down and work on a page or a canvas, especially with the little guy here now... did you scrap when your kids were babies? leave me a comment and let me know - i'm curious...

have a great week!


document the bump. third trimester.

I've been putting off writing this blog post for a few weeks now - things have been crazy here lately. when I do get a few seconds throughout the day, I've been trying to sneak in a little bit of housework or eat or shower or take a nap - basically, do all the things that are a whole lot harder once you become a mama.

my third trimester was complete insanity...

me much more tired and irritable than I normally am because I had been up all night throwing up because everytime I would try to relax and/or lie down, the acid reflux would flare up with a vengeance - it was miserable, I assure you. here's to hoping that if we ever have another baby, I manage to bypass it altogether. wishful thinking, i'm sure...

ofcourse, still trying to work 6 days a week - that got much, much more difficult toward the end. everyday, I literally drug myself out of bed and begrudgingly made my way to the office. I was considered fulltime until I was 39w, 6d and had been up all night having contractions - there was just no way I was going anywhere at that point...

still putting together the little guy's room around working and being sick... trying to make things as perfect as I could. this was one of the highlights of my pregnancy - I realized how much I enjoyed shopping and decorating and, atleast in some ways, actually being "domestic." now, if a certain husband would finish the rest of the house...

eating constantly, gaining lots of weight, growing out of just about everything in my closet, and finally having no choice but to buy maternity clothes - I bought exactly four tees and a maxi skirt. I wore yoga pants throughout most of my pregnancy and I was still wearing them the day before I delivered. lol...

going to the doctor's just about every week - finding out that I passed my glucose test, hearing his heartbeat via dopplar, and hearing the doctors' guesses about how much he weighed - they were wrong, by the way... getting told I was either gaining too much or gaining too little... and, when all was said and done, finding out that I was having a baby on my due date whether I liked it or not...

being petrified about anything and everything even remotely related to labor and delivery - reading and researching, putting together a birth plan which, for what's it's worth, never even made it into my hospital bag when all was said and done... fearing the unknown, mostly... worrying that i'd end up with a c-section... just basically being anxious about the whole thing.

finally hitting the point where I was more miserable than I was afraid and begging and pleading for him to just come already - at that point, I just wanted to go into labor and be done with it - I was so sick, tired, and sore that I didn't care anymore how much short-term pain i'd have to go through. I really just wanted to not be pregnant anymore...

so, how did the whole labor and delivery thing end up going?

two days before my due date, I started having a lot of pain - it started off as just crampy and progressed to full-blown contractions every couple of minutes, but when I called the drs. office, they said I wasn't in labor, so... I continued to suffer through it. I took a lot of hot showers... I walked... I tried my damnedest to sleep, but obviously that wasn't happened.

at my 40 week appointment, which was on my due date, my blood pressure was high and I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. I was induced that day.

so, we ended up at the hospital, got me admitted, and we went about the business of labor and delivery... I won't go too far into detail, except to say I waited a long time to ask for an epidural and when I finally did, it didn't work for very long. I ended up being given stadol. after that, I remember very little. I do remember telling a nurse that I didn't want to push because it hurt and I remember them putting him on my chest and me telling him "welcome to the world, little guy."

when all was said and done, though, all that mattered to me was that he was here and that he was healthy. it doesn't matter how miserable I was for the nine months he grew inside of me or how much pain I was in for the nine hours I was in labor because you know what? he's complete perfection and the whole experience has been nothing less than amazing. he's my little miracle and I wouldn't trade him for the world.


welcome to the world, little baby e...

welcome to the world and happy birthday, little baby e...

edward thomas was born on may 30 at 6:45pm. he was 6lb. 11oz. and 21 inches. we're all completely and totally head over heels for him.

mama and baby are both doing well.

i'm sure, by now, that most of you probably realized that the little guy was born and that I was taking a sort of "babymoon" - definitely not intentionally, I promise.

it took exactly one day after he was born to realize that mamahood was a 24-7 job. lol... someone is a really slow eater, so most of my time and effort has gone to around-the-clock feedings. by the time we finish eating and get changed, it's time to start all over again, so... the good news is that we've already gained a few ounces since we were discharged from the hospital and we're starting to eat a little more at a time. that definitely makes this mama happy.

now, it's just a matter of really getting to know eachother.

I make no promises as to how the next few weeks will go. I need to start transitioning into my new role as a mama and i'm not sure how much, if any, time that will leave to focus on anything except baby edward.

i'd like to get my pregnancy album put together and I need to start working on little e's baby book, but again - not sure how that'll work out... I'm also planning to be back sometime this week w/ my third trimester post, which will include the little guy's birth story.

in the meantime, i hope you'll stick with me as I learn how to be both a mama and a scrapbooker. it should definitely be an interesting journey. 

until then...

have a great week!


document the bump: 39 weeks

I know, I know - i'm a week or so late with this post. I have a really good reason, though, I promise.

how far along am I? 39 weeks.
weight gain? still 148 lbs.
how am I feeling? overall, like crap - headaches/heat sick - that type of thing, as well as the usual acid reflux.
what am I thinking? I still can't believe i'm going to be a mama, especially after all these years. dh still "reminds" me every day that I "can't get pregnant" - it's become quite the joke between us. if you're reading this and you've ever experienced infertility, just keep in mind that miracles really do happen - the little guy is living proof of that. as much as it might seem like i'm complaining throughout these posts each week, really - i'm not... I want them to be an accurate picture of my pregnancy when I look back on them in the future and that's, ofcourse, come w/ lots of ups and downs. in reality, though, unless you've been there and done that, you can't even begin to realize how grateful I am for the gift that this pregnancy is - it's something that I thought i'd never get to experience - and yet, here I am, 39 weeks pregnant - full term... amazing!
what am I eating? a little bit of everything - cravings are a wonderful thing. lol...
cravings? still stuck on cold stuff - milkshakes, smoothies, etc.
what am I looking forward to? this new chapter in life...
how's the little one doing? everything looks great w/ him - really, we're just hanging out in there and continuing to grow at this point. one more week...
what's on my to do list? tie up any loose ends before "baby day," which could, atleast in theory, be any day now...
baby gaga says? "I'm almost done bakin'!" can't wait!  


document the bump: 38 weeks.

I cannot believe the end is finally in sight. it feels like forever-ago that I found out I was pregnant. what an incredible journey thus far! I've spent so much time documenting all the changes taking place in our lives - big and small... eventually, hopefully sometime soon, i'm planning to start compiling all of these posts into an album of some sort, so keep an eye out for that.  

how far along am I? 38 weeks.
weight gain? 146-148 lbs.
how am I feeling? eh, at this point I've, more or less, had enough of this being pregnant thing - the novelty has definitely worn off.
what am I thinking? someone seems comfy in there - he must be happy where he's at. I was reading a thread on baby center that they could just imagine their little one w/ a picket sign that says "hell no! not going to go!" yep, that's kind of how i'm starting to feel...
what am I eating? turkey subs w/ mozzarella cheese and mayo
cravings? hershey's cookies and cream milkshakes
what am I looking forward to? please, just get this baby out of me!
how's the little one doing? still growing - they're estimating that he weighs over 7lbs. now, we're just playing the waiting game - let's go, little guy! hurry up!
what's on my to do list? getting one of the cars cleaned out and the car seat installed and packing a bag for us - if nothing else, we need a camera, my tablet, snacks for him, etc.
baby gaga says? "The final fat details are being rounded off before your rocket-baby's big launch onto planet earth and into your arms." the end is finally in sight... here's to hoping for an easy l&d, a healthy baby, and a quick recovery!


document the bump: 37 weeks.

i'm a few days late - sorry about that! too much going on lately...

how far along am I? 37 weeks.
weight gain? still 146 lbs.
how am I feeling? acid reflux - that seems to be the constant through this entire pregnancy. also, sore - my entire mid-section feels like it was run over by a truck, which means i'm back to sleeping on the couch again - anything to get some relief... i'm also fairly certain he managed to find my sciatic nerve - that's not necessarily a good thing.
what am I thinking? mostly, how "afraid" I am of l&d - I can't wait to meet the little guy and yet i'm completely and totally petrified of everything leading up to his grand entrance.
what am I eating? anything w/ cheese... no surprise, right?
cravings? vanilla milkshakes...
what am I looking forward to? don't laugh, but I was telling tim that I was going to buy him this cute little burlap pillow w/ his birth stats on it - simple pleasures in life, no doubt. lol...
how's the little one doing? he's my now "term" 6lb. 10oz. "more than a bump," atleast that's what they're estimating right now... yay! keep growing, little guy!
what's on my to do list? finish getting the house cleaned up before I do go into labor - hello nesting instinct! are you still there?
baby gaga says? "As far as their internal organs go, your adorable poop and blood factory has reached "term" - a medical term that means your sweet little bun is birth-ready and labor is welcome and normal at this point."


document the bump: 36 weeks.

finally finished up the little guy's room - you can see pics here and sources here, if you haven't already...

how far along am I? 36 weeks.
weight gain? lost instead of gained this week - down to 146 lbs.
how am I feeling? acid reflux, acid reflux, and more acid reflux... aside from that, my hips are bothering me, but i'm thinking that's more from sleeping in the waterbed, so...
what am I thinking? less than a month to go - i'm all kinds of excited, scared, etc.
what am I eating? we've had pizza a few times lately. can you say lazy? lol...
cravings? vanilla milkshakes - so weird!
what am I looking forward to? getting my warehouse box from bella blvd - probably tomorrow.
how's the little one doing? all is well w/ the little guy. heart rate is 150 bpm. they're estimating he's about 6 lbs. right now.
what's on my to do list? I just got given lots more baby clothes - need to get those organized.
baby gaga says? "The countdown to your sweet lil' womb hi-jacker's eviction is closing in!" It can't come soon enough at this point. lol...



a space for the little guy - from the beginning...

to see more pics, check out yesterday's post: finally, a space for the little guy...

I promised i'd post a list of sources for the little guy's room, so here we go. this is long. I apologize in advance, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible, so...

the walls are painted monorail silver by sherwin williams.

crib is the ikea gulliver crib in white. crib mattress is the ikea vyssa vinka mattress. roxie the plush owl is from pier 1 imports. the following are all from etsy: navy herringbone fitted crib sheet is from hudson bedford, quilt is from jamelapos, robot pillow is from little korboose, I love you to the moon and back pillow cover is from larksong creations, star pillow is from colette bream. the little brown and black dog came from walgreen's a while back.


dresser is the ikea koppang in white. the hardware is from home depot. the pictures are us with each set of parents on the day we got married. the geode came from our local renaissance festival. the grimm's grasper came from amazon. the framed love print came from target a while back. the changing pad is from amazon. navy herringbone changing pad cover is from hudson bedford. the fabric owl is from bwinks.

bookcase is the ikea expedit in white. the baskets on the bookcase are the ikea pjas. rocking chair is from baxton studio. pouf ottoman is the urban shop round knit pouf in gray from walmart. the magnet board is a framed piece of galvanized steel from home depot. lamp is the hennessy II table lamp from walmart. geode bookends are from our local renaissance festival. the gund bear and the grimm's rainbow stacker are both from amazon. the owl is from sparrow and berry on etsy. the quilt on the rocker was a handmade gift. the navy herringbone pillow cover is from cushion cut décor, which I also found on etsy. the little black and brown dog was mine when I was younger.

galvanized shelf is the ikea hyllis shelving unit. the teddy bear was our engagement bear - we got him when we picked out our rings. the little man plaque is from target - I painted it navy. humidifier is the crane drop shape cool mist humidifier from amazon. the little stuffed husky came from my mama. the picture to the right of him is of tim and I on the day we got married. the subway art print came from rizzle and rugee and the rainbow stacker is from imagination kids, both on etsy. the little bear on the motorcycle made from baby stuff was a gift from tim's mom.

the fabric monster is from bwinks and the canvas is from soaphousemama, both on etsy. the geode was from our local renaissance festival. the pictures are, ofcourse, from his gender ultrasound and one of my favorite bump shots.

a special thanks to all of the etsy shops that worked with me on custom orders, especially soaphousemama, hudson bedford, jamelapos, and bwinks - each of you ladies were absolutely wonderful and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with you again. thanks so much for your patience!

wow! that, more or less, sums it up. if there's something else in particular that you're interested in, let me know.

have a great week!


finally, a space for the little guy...

I've finally, more or less, finished putting together a space for the little guy, so I thought i'd share some pics. this has been an evolving work in progress for quite some time now.

I took these pics this evening, so the lighting isn't great, but...



i'll be back in a day or two w/ a list of sources.

in the meantime, have a great week!


document the bump: 35 weeks.

finished washing and putting away all the baby clothes the other night... put together the little rock 'n play sleeper and put it in our room last night... realized that we're almost there and we could, atleast in theory, have a baby any day now...


how far along am I? 35 weeks.
weight gain? 144-147 lbs.
how am I feeling? I still don't have much of a voice, but i'm sure there are some people that would argue that there's nothing wrong with that... still dealing w/ relentless acid reflux - just bought something new to try tonight. here's to hoping it helps...
what am I thinking? i'm going to be this little guy's mama. tim's going to be this little guy's daddy - i'm not sure which of those two statements is the more frightening one...
what am I eating? hawaiian pizza
cravings? yoohoo - grabbed two bottles and a pack of assorted berries tums on my way to work this morning - what a combination, right? lol...
what am I looking forward to? welcoming the little guy to the world sometime in the next few weeks.
how's the little one doing? he's still rolling around in there. lol...
what's on my to do list? make a few thank you cards... keep cleaning up around here... do some scrapbooking, maybe?
baby gaga says? "Congratulations! You’re now carrying over 5 pounds of baby-goodness - not counting their amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord, or the placenta itself." imagine that!  


document the bump: 34 weeks.

it's been another long week, so i'm a few days behind again...

how far along am I? 34 weeks.
weight gain? 142-144 lbs.
how am I feeling? this cold finally seems to be getting better, so...
what am I thinking? i'm finally to the point of having an ob appt. each week - can't believe we're this close!
what am I eating? velveeta shells & cheese.
cravings? yoohoo - that seems to be the one constant throughout this entire pregnancy thus far.
what am I looking forward to? need to finish getting everything cleaned up around here before he comes...
how's the little one doing? 35 week appt. a few days ago - the little guy's measuring 33.5 cm, which puts him on the small side of normal just like his mama and daddy - no surprise there, considering... his heartrate is 144 bpm. 35 days to go...
what's on my to do list? thank you mama for spoiling my son even more than I already have!
I finally got everything, more or less, put away - lots more clothes, books, and toys for the little guy! still have to wash and put away all of his new clothes.
baby gaga says? Your amazing baby is on the move!Until now, your wee womb-squatter's been living fairly high up in your poor stretched-out womb - blithely compressing your poor lungs and internal organs.
This week your baby's going to pack their tiny bags and make the epic shifting move to your pelvis - commonly referred to as the time when baby "drops".



document the bump: 33 weeks.

now, I have a cold. lovely, right? it's driving me crazy! not only can I not lie down because of the acid reflux, but now I can't breathe either. lol...

how far along am I? 33 weeks.
weight gain? 140-142 lbs.
how am I feeling? eh, same old... it's been one thing after another, more or less, since I got pregnant. lol...
what am I thinking? the next 6 weeks needs to go really quickly - i'm starting to run out of patience...
what am I eating? lots of orange sherbet.
cravings? yoohoo, strawberry shortcake.
what am I looking forward to? d-day - delivery day, that is... something tells me, though, that this little guy's going to stay planted until I end up having to be induced. lol...
how's the little one doing? he's alright - getting bigger everyday.
what's on my to do list? I think, at this point, I've officially abandoned my to do list. we'll see if I ever actually get around to finishing it.
baby gaga says? "For all the weight and bulk you’re lugging around these days, you’d think your little champ would weigh more than a mere 4 pounds!" ya think? lol...