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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
-Thomas Merton


You're Invited to a Housewarming Party

I'm moving.

I've always wanted to own my own home - both literally and figuratively. We've, of course, already managed to accomplish this in the literal sense. Figuratively, though, I was still "renting" my online space and I thought it was due time to make a change.

If you're interested in the studio project, my never-ending creative to do list, and the little guy - going forward, this will be the place to find all of that and more. I hope that you'll continue to follow along with me there.

The most recent update on the studio project has already been posted over there and I'll definitely make it a point to put together a post sometime in the next few weeks explaining why I made the switch.

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Have a great week!


studio sunday - to change or not to change...

I thought it'd be fun to do a sort of process post as i worked through a page.  

I love ink and mist - love them! I use them on, more or less, every page... I started this page by pulling a piece of white grid patterned paper and using stencils w/ distress inks - the colors I used were worn lipstick and salty ocean.

I splattered a couple of color shines - primrose and teal. I really have no rhyme or reason with this type of thing - I literally just splatter it. wherever it ends up is fine with me.

these are the patterned papers I pulled for layering - love these colors!

I also grabbed a heidi swapp memory file. i'm going to write my journaling inside of it...

and then, it was time to layer up the patterned paper... I've gotten to the point in my scrapbooking where I try really hard not to let my perfectionism slow me down. I literally pick up each piece, ink the edges, and slap it down.

after all of my paper elements are added, I tend to splatter a bit of black color shine and ink around the edges of the page as a whole... gotta add just a touch of grunge to all my pink and blue, right? lol...

after that, it was all about finishing touches. I added the title... I didn't want to stitch the memory file closed, so I pulled the layered papers and photo and stitched just those elements. I added a bit of washi.. and, really, the only actual embellishments were a few veneers and buttons.

I love this page - I love everything about it, but especially the colors! this is definitely a color combination - pink and teal - that i'll use again.


so, curious what the story behind this page is and what the journaling might say?

change: (v.) to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone

my one little word for 2014... there's certainly going to be a lot of that next year, isn't there?

there's going to be a little one. my life will no longer revolve around me - around us - around work and scrapbooking. there'll be another little human being whose needs and desires will have to come first - before ours.

in the meantime, i'm going to have to live a healthier lifestyle. i'm not entirely sure what that means quite yet, but i'm working on figuring it out.

I need to start learning how to cook - maybe, even plant a garden in the spring. I need to plan meals ahead of time and shop accordingly. no more stopping somewhere and grabbing something quick to eat because it's easy.

I need to start exercising - walking, maybe... maybe, even yoga. something relatively low-intensity. I already went out and bought a pair of tennis shoes. I also bought several pair of yoga pants - more because they're comfortable, though, than anything else.

I want to make sure I document as much as possible. i don't want to forget a single thing. i want to blog about it - not because i necessarily feel that i'm an authority on any of these subjects - far from it, actually - but because you know what they say, "life is a journey..." and i want to enjoy every moment of it.

i want to remember everything.


have a great weekend!


studio sunday - studio calico december daily kit/our christmas story album

got my studio calico december daily kit and magical 12x12 paper pad in the mail this week... since it seems like all I do these days is sleep, I just got around to opening it up and making the first page tonight.

the album is going to be a 12x12 wrmk kiwi album filled w/ christmas stories - some from our childhoods and some from the last several years that we've been together...


I couldn't even begin to tell you everything I used on this page. the background is tim holtz distress ink and heidi swapp color shine. that's the only problem when you start mixing multiple lines and adding vintage ephemera - you lose track really quickly. lol... if you have any specific questions, definitely leave me a comment and i'll do my best to get you an answer.

don't forget to take the time to capture all of your christmas stories.

have a great week!


twelve new habits for twenty-twelve

my resolutions for twenty-twelve are going to be structured a bit differently than in the past - this year, it's all about doing something creative everyday.

1. take a photo - these photos will ultimately end up being a part of my plife, but the point is to get into the habit of capturing the mundane, the everyday - the things that we all so often overlook and take for granted
2. write - this isn't so much a matter of creating a new habit, but of restructuring an old one - this year, i've been writing every week. next year, i want to make time to write every day - no excuses.
3. art journal - even if it's only for 20-30 minutes, this is an exercise more in discipline than anything else. i love art journaling, but it's something that seems to take a backseat to everything else.
4. scrapbook - i rarely scrapbook anymore. next year, i plan to use prompts and challenges to churn out more pages. some of the ones i'm considering? creative therapy/the effer dares. other suggestions are welcome. again, even if it's only 20-30 minutes a day.

5. plife - i'm still up in the air as to exactly what format i want to use - i'm still torn between the "standard ali edwards-style" and the more "art journal - a la karen grunberg's weeklong art journal-style." i just know that i want an everyday album at the end of the year.
6. read a book -  as far as i'm concerned, you can't be a great writer, if you never read anything that's been written by a great writer. my goal is to eventually be published, so... it seems only natural to me that i spend time reading those who have been published.
7. wellness charts - a.k.a. my "3 meals, 3 miles" program - the idea was to eat 3 healthy meals each day, and run/walk 3 miles - the ultimate fitness program. lol... i wanted to document this in a weekly "chart" and, maybe, add it to my move more, eat well album.

8. mixed media/altered art project - this is simply a matter of using my stash - i have so many printer's trays and blank canvas lying around in my studio - time to start putting them to good use.
9. a mini-album - doesn't matter what... doesn't matter how complex, or how simple... again, simply a matter of using my stash because mini-albums (as much as i hate them) are another thing that i have so many of.
10. take a class - i definitely want to be careful that i'm not taking classes simply for the sake of taking classes, so... this is going to be something i'm going to have to be careful about, but overall, i've loved taking so many classes this year.
11. move more, eat well - i signed up for move more, eat well w/ cathy z - i think this will work nicely w/ my "3 meals, 3 miles" program. i'd like to do my weekly "charts" right alongside this class, so...
12. one little word - i signed up for ali edwards' class this year and didn't make it past january. i want to try again next year. i'm not exactly sure how this'll work, but one way or another, i'm going to make it work. 



a few canvases...

these little 4x6 canvases were inspired by two of my favorite teachers: melody ross and christy tomlinson...


organize your stuff challenge (round 4). week 29. room and space decor.

no lengthy explanation this time - just a few pics since i bought a sewing machine and that prompted a bit of rearranging...



she had three hearts


sadly, this class is over on oct. 25 - i signed up for this two days before my birthday. lol... it was supposed to be one of my birthday presents to myself, but life and, ofcourse, work got in the way, so aside from watching the videos and taking notes (yep, i'm a good student like that - no, in reality, i just don't remember anything that i don't write down), this is really the first i'm doing anything with the techniques taught in this workshop... i'll, proabably, sign up for the extension if it's offered - i usually do - can you say add?


organize your stuff challenge - this is the end


this is my studio - as it stands. we have 2 weeks left of the organize your stuff challenge, so this is the end. it's taken me two years to really get comfortable with this space. at first, i hated this little 8x10 "shoebox," but i've gotten comfortable in here - learned to be creative in such a small space.

that, by no means, means that i won't be finishing our enclosed porch... it just means that i'm not in as much of a hurry.

lately, it seems that the majority of the time i've been spending in here has been working on art journaling/mixed media projects. i've barely done any scrapbooking.

starting from the top, the first picture is my closet - most of the time, i leave the doors open - no one comes in here except me and my furbabies. all of my canvases, albums, kits, cardstock, patterned paper (some by manufacturer in the cropper hoppers and some by theme in the iris cases), and my ribbon on binder rings (b/c of dag).

the second picture is the black wire shelf i bought recently - the top shelf is my drying area (again, b/c of dag), the second and third shelves are all art mediums, the bottom shelf is mini-albums and finished projects. hanging on that shelf are masks and stencils, along with tissue paper and tissue tape, and rub-ons.

the third picture is a wooden shelf above the black wire shelf - it holds some of my jewelry findings/charms and my basic tools.

the fourth picture is my desk. under my desk are my toolbox with my metal stamping kit and a basket of adhesives.

the fifth pictue is my other wooden shelf - it's just there b/c i'm a little ocd and i like symmetry, so there're some pictures and work of heart bear up there.

the sixth picture is my other black wire shelf - the top shelf is punches and mixed media texture supplies. the second shelf is rubber and acrylic stamps. the third shelf is acrylic paints, along with my journals and old books that i use the book paper from. oh, and also, my paper trimmer. the fourth shelf is a basket full of miscellaneous stuff that i really just don't know what else to do with (lol...) and some supplies i bought for classes (canvases in specific sizes, sticky back canvas, etc.).

the seventh picture is of my iris cases where i store my scraps, which i covered with a piece of glass. on top of it is the colander i bought to put my new items in. right now, it's full of heart stuff for the she had three hearts workshop.

the eighth and ninth pictures are of the infamous black bookcases - on the top shelf, there're more pretty things that make me happy and my favorite memoirs. the next shelf is beads and my cricut. the next two shelves are my color baskets. the fifth shelf includes cuttlebug, embossing folders, jars of buttons sorted by color, a basket of chipboard pieces, and cricut cartridges. the sixth is multi-color embellishments, books, software, and ephemera.

hope you've enjoyed this little picture tour of my space!


how i create

someone on two peas asked me to post a picture of my desk - currently, it's a mess - sadly, this is how i create.

i can't keep it clean when i'm working on mixed media/art journaling projects...



"color bins"... well, more like "color baskets."

everyone who knows me well, knows that's i'm obsessed with pink/brown/black - toss a little blue in here and there, and i'm a very happy girl...

went to target tonight and found some small black canvas baskets - grabbed 5 of 'em. i plan to let them play w/ my pink and brown baskets on the infamous black bookcases.

so, here's a bit of an update on the color-sorting...


alright, so from top to bottom: white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, gray.

i still have lots of stuff to sort, but this, atleast, gives you an idea of the direction i'm heading.



okay, so i signed up for creative retreat on bpc w/ may flaum. love may! at any rate, she posted a creative prompt to doodle, so that's exactly what i did - nothing spectacular, nothing crazy - just doodles...



so far, so good... (2011)


from top to bottom - my closet, the shelving that used to be in my closet, the infamous bookcases, my scraps/desk/storage.

first, the closet - this is the new shelving i bought. i'm not crazy about the chrome, but the black shelving this size was twice the price, so... from top to bottom - things i don't use all that often, things i'm currently working on (high enough that dagda can't get to them. lol...), new albums and page protectors, magazines/cardstock/projects and kits, all my themes and lines sorted into iris cases, all of my patterned paper sorted by color, then manufacturer.

next, the shelving that used to be in the closet - from top to bottom - all of my chipboard letters and shapes, dapping block and punches (for jewelry making), cricut cartridges and cuttlebug embossing folders, mini albums, chipboard sheets and canvas, and small project kits.

the infamous bookcases - again, from top to bottom - even though none of these baskets are labelled, there is a bit of rhyme and reason to what's in each basket - the top two that match are all of my packaged embellishments, the center three that match are glimmer mists, alcohol inks, and stickles. the next ones down are wooden stamps, ink pads, adhesives, and acrylic stamps. on the third shelf, the four that match are all beads sorted into acrylic screw-top containers, organized by color families. the little two are painting medium and acrylics. the fourth shelf is embossing supplies and the studio paint line. ofcourse, the cuttlebug, expression, and xyron w/ their matching covers. the bottom shelf is more acrylic paint and thickers on the left and misc. letter stickers on the right.

my desks - this is where most of the things that need painted are - that little wooden drawer that sits on my desk needs to be stained and polyurethaned, the desk itself needs painted black. underneath my desk, you can barely see them, but this is where the iris carts w/ my scraps ended up. behind my desk is that other desk, which i, primarily, just use to put things on. both the white cabinet and the white mm embellishment organizer need painted black. i'd like to hang the mm embellishment organizer after it's painted and replace that desk w/ a kitchen cart/island from ikea - something w/ an open bottom and a wood top. it'd be the perfect surface for jewelry making/metal stamping, but also the open bottom would be great to put more of those drawers like the white ones, but black from an office supply store - i'm thinking a swivel chair - you know spin around, open a drawer, and grab what i need...

wow! see, i really am organized. i just don't really care for labels. lol... what's important, though, is that i know exactly what's in each and every container - and i do.

this is no where near my dream space. like i said in last week's thread, i had to draw a line somewhere as far as how much time/money i am/was willing to put into this space b/c i'm almost positive i'll be moving w/in the next year or two, maybe three - as soon as either the enclosed porch or the basement are finished.

the things that remain on my to-do list - mostly painting - are pieces i intend to keep, longterm.

there are still a few pieces i intend to buy - like a kitchen cart/island from ikea - something w/ an open bottom and a wood top.

the only money i've really spent on organizing are all the cropper hoppers and iris cases and all the pink baskets - i already had all the brown baskets - all of those things came from m's/j's, during sales/when i had coupons. the cricut/cuttlebug/xyron covers were a custom-order from an etsy seller - i had to have them. lol...

other than that, just alot of going through things - sorting/purging and putting things into baskets. i like baskets - they make getting things out easy and putting things away even easier.

i'm still kind of considering stacy julian's color bins - especially, for all of the things in all the misc. containers that are sitting here and there and everywhere - the acrylic containers on my bookcases, the blue candy jar on my desk, the 9-drawer unit on the top shelf of my desk, etc.



so, i was reading may flaum's blog tonight and her comment about visitors got me thinking - i read, somewhere, a long time ago about cats and dogs being "a heartbeat at your feet" - unfortunately, i have no idea who said it/where it came from, but it's so very true.

anytime i'm in my studio, dag and thor are somewhere close by...

it's just a shame i can't get s/o to hang out w/ us more often.

and this is just one more reason to add to the list of why i need a bigger studio - an 8x10 room, all my stuff, me, a 90 lb. dog, and the cat. lol...
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