document the bump: 33 weeks.

now, I have a cold. lovely, right? it's driving me crazy! not only can I not lie down because of the acid reflux, but now I can't breathe either. lol...

how far along am I? 33 weeks.
weight gain? 140-142 lbs.
how am I feeling? eh, same old... it's been one thing after another, more or less, since I got pregnant. lol...
what am I thinking? the next 6 weeks needs to go really quickly - i'm starting to run out of patience...
what am I eating? lots of orange sherbet.
cravings? yoohoo, strawberry shortcake.
what am I looking forward to? d-day - delivery day, that is... something tells me, though, that this little guy's going to stay planted until I end up having to be induced. lol...
how's the little one doing? he's alright - getting bigger everyday.
what's on my to do list? I think, at this point, I've officially abandoned my to do list. we'll see if I ever actually get around to finishing it.
baby gaga says? "For all the weight and bulk you’re lugging around these days, you’d think your little champ would weigh more than a mere 4 pounds!" ya think? lol...

this happened...

spent part of my day working on a page...

the background paper, foam stickers, and die cut are all from the amy tan plus one line. everything else was from my stash.

have a great week!


she art card...

this is a card I made w/ one of the christy tomlinson she art stamps...

because I used copics for her skin and hair and top, I stamped the image on copic paper. I used watercolor for her wings and skirt... used lots of rub ons and ink splatters, ofcourse... oh, and a piece of flair, some washi tape, and a few wood veneers. again, i'm a creature of habit.

this card is 5.5x8.5.

and there you have it - a mixed media card w/ a little note inside that'll be getting sent to someone special this week

have a great weekend!


document the bump: 32 weeks.

a few days late this week - sorry about that! lots of acid reflux and a seemingly never-ending migraine, so... ended up in bed fairly early last night and the night before.

how far along am I? 32 weeks.
weight gain? still 140 lbs.
how am I feeling? tums are still my best friend.
what am I thinking? you know, all the people that told me that I started putting together his room entirely too early obviously don't have adhd. I knew i'd still be making changes at the last minute. lol...
what am I eating? bbq chicken pizza, velveeta shells and cheese - basically, i'm a creature of habit in every way, shape, and form...
cravings? yoohoo
what am I looking forward to? the little guy's birthday.
how's the little one doing? still movin' around in there...
what's on my to do list? I haven't accomplished anything in the last week, so... see last week's to do list, if you're curious.
baby gaga says? "In the latest womb reports, your amazing baby has now developed sensitivity to temperature!" silly me made the mistake of telling my husband this, so now he thinks it's funny to chase me around and try to put cold things on my belly. lol...


change: march 2014.

it's that time again - time to reflect on my one little word...

I'm due next month - can you believe that? I mean, I know it's still 8ish weeks, but... it's so weird to say next month.

the little guy's room is just about finished. I'm waiting on a few things I ordered from etsy and there are still a few creative projects I have in mind, but... for all intents and purposes, the little guy is good to go. someone asked me the other day what I still needed for him and I laughed - nothing... eventually, I need to pick up a few things from the grocery store - that's it.

we've wrapped up the first quarter of 2014 and I've published almost as many blog posts in these three months as what I did in the entirety of 2013. crazy!

I haven't been doing much except working on the little guy's room, though.

the whole scrapping more from kits and collections thing? yea, that never happened. I haven't been scrapping much at all.

really, my only goal for april is to start working through project life for 2014.

my motivation has been seriously lacking lately and i'm not sure why... pregnancy, maybe? hormones, possibly? not sure... I've been trying not to be too hard on myself, but... I miss having energy. lol...

at any rate, did you have energy and motivation towards the end of your pregnancy? leave me a comment and let me know.

have a great week!


studio sunday: hello from an unfinished corner of my living room - my new scrap space! before & after...

I spent some time this weekend putting together a new space in the living room. I couldn't handle everything being scattered everywhere - it was driving me insane. here's what it looked like before I started...

all of the tupperware boxes are full of supplies that I packed before I started putting together a space for the little guy - it was all the "overflow" from when I cleaned out my studio...

I've been dragging stuff downstairs for days now. still have some things I want to bring down, but... it's a start, right? lol...

it's definitely far from aesthetically-pleasing, which is really hard for my ocd personality, but... here's to hoping it works...

our downstairs is unfinished - it's actually partially gutted...

the biggest advantage to that? I can spill as much paint/ink down here and make as big of a mess as I want w/o getting into trouble, atleast in theory. lol... the biggest disadvantage is that everything, more or less, needs to be kept in plastic or some other type of closed container because of how much dust is down here w/ the remodeling...

we won't even get into how many times I've vacuumed over here already - I put a 6x8 rug down and dh stapled it to the unfinished wood floor, so... the dogs are all for it... I still have to get another curtain rod and put the other black curtain up, but it definitely looks better than the plastic. now, how often am I going to have to dust? lmao...

basically, I now have an l-shaped scrap space w/ approx. 12ft. of workspace. go me! the overall dimensions of this corner are left side - 8ft. and right side - 11.5 ft.

the left side will, more than likely, end up being "clean work" - sewing and scrapbooking...

the right side will be "messy work" - mixed media & art journaling and, ofcourse, the small table for plife.

here's to hoping this corner isn't too terribly difficult to keep clean.

have you scrapped in an unfinished space? leave me a comment and tell me about it!

have a great week!


project life: week 4 (01.19.14 - 01.25.14)

alrighty, week 4 is finished...

there's one more week left of january and then i'll probably start posting monthly, instead of weekly, so...

I finally figured out the easiest way to work on project life, atleast for me - I lay all the cards out on a piece of glass... mist, stamp, etc.

I add the pictures and titles, stitch everything down, and then add dimensional embellishments - flair, veneers, etc.

now, to master taking pictures of these pages. lol...

have a great night!


project life: week 3 (01.11.14 - 01.18.14)

here's week 3 of project life...

not particularly thrilled w/ this week, but it's done and in an album, so... that's what counts, right? lol...

I seriously need to gesso these cards. that one simple thing would make the watercolor look so much more vibrant.

this is another page that will be one design a and one design h page protector.

are you caught up w/ your project life? leave me a comment and let me know.

have a great week!

document the bump: 31 weeks.

I've been playing catch up w/ project life this week - it's amazing how many pictures I've taken of the bump. guess I really don't have much of a life these days, do I? lol...


how far along am I? 31 weeks.
weight gain? 141-140 lbs. don't ask me how that happened...
how am I feeling? still haven't really gotten a break from the acid reflux. aside from that, though, not too bad.
what am I thinking? "I don't want to hear about the labor pains, just show me the baby." lol...
what am I eating? these days, I seem to have a habit of going to sheetz and getting a 6 inch turkey sub, mac 'n cheese, a yoohoo, and strawberry cheesecake.
cravings? orange sherbet push-ups. 
what am I looking forward to? the little guy's birthday.
how's the little one doing? the dr. says everything is just peachy.
what's on my to do list? the last two projects on my list are a rag strip quilt and the canvases for behind the crib. also on the agenda are to finish working through christy tomlinson's behind the art workshop and get project life caught up before the little guy makes his appearance
baby gaga says? "The heavy news: you can expect your miracle-gro muffin to gain about a half a pound of weight per week from now until about two weeks before birth." - can you say growth spurt? lol...


project life: week 2 (01.05.14 - 01.11.14)

finished week 2 tonight...

this will be one design a and one design h page protector - I didn't have enough pictures for two pages, so... I improvised. lol...

have a great week!


project life: week 1 (01.01.14 - 01.04.14)


alrighty, week 1 done... sorry about the crappy picture - still have to figure out the lighting situation downstairs. I thought, maybe, it'd be easier without the page protectors, but i guess not. lol...

have you managed to figure out how to get great pictures of your project life pages in the protectors? leave me a comment and tell me about it!

have a great week!


project life: the process...

this year, I will finish a project life album if it kills me, which it very well might.

2012 and 2013 were both epic failures - I took the time to take all the pictures, do all the journaling, but never bothered to actually put any of it together. someday, maybe...

when I sat down tonight, I hadn't even started 2014.

here's what I've managed to accomplish:

created three folders on my desktop - one for each month...

january - 40 pictures, edited & ready to print
february - 26 pictures, edited & ready to print
march - 32 pictures, edited & ready to print

I also managed to get all of january printed and organized by week.

my belly seems to have made a guest appearance in this picture - it's always getting in the way these days. lol...

so, what's next? trim all the pictures and start to lay everything out. i'm hoping to have more to post sometime in the next few days.

how do you approach project life? weekly? monthly? quarterly, like I seem to be doing? lol... leave me a comment and tell me about your process...

have a great week!



for whatever reason, my printer isn't working, so... my original plans for tonight, which were to work on this year's project life, didn't end up happenin' - disappointing, to say the least.

since dh can't figure it out and I don't have the patience at this point, I figured i'd just scrap this picture that was left over from the crop in January. lol...

isn't he just adorable? silly boy seems to think he's human.

anything come between you and your plans lately? leave me a comment and tell me about it.

have a great weekend!


galvanized magnet board

I spent some time tonight making a galvanized magnet board for the little guy's room.

i'm completely in love with it and it was so simple.

here's what you'll need:

- sheet of galvanized steel - I got this 24x36 piece from the home depot.
- picture frame - I grabbed a black 20x30 one from michael's with a 40% off coupon.
- pair of tin snips
- t-square
- sharpie
- magnetic letters - love these painter's palette letters from amazon. in hindsight, i'd probably grab two packs.
- safety glasses
- gloves

here's how I did it:

- I work with scrap everyday and our safety policy requires us to wear safety glasses and gloves when cutting metal, so the very first thing you should do is put on your safety glasses and gloves. if I were you, i'd also wear long sleeves. remember, the edges of the metal will be extremely sharp. be very careful. I also wouldn't necessarily advise doing this project in the house if you can avoid it.
- double check that the inside measurement of the frame matches the packaging - like my husband told me when he handed me the tools, measure three times and cut once. better safe than sorry, right?
- use the t-square and the sharpie to mark the sheet of galvanized steel where you intend to cut it, so it fits inside the frame. if you look around, you may be able to find a sheet of galvanized steel that's already whatever size you had in mind.

- very carefully, cut the piece of galvanized steel with the tin snips. I realized after the fact that I should've cut on the inside of my sharpie lines, so it fit in the picture frame. I ended up having to do a bit of trimming. no biggie, but...

- once you have your sheet of galvanized steel cut to the right size, you can discard your scrap metal. remember to recycle - look in the yellow pages under scrap recycling for somewhere near you.
- open your picture frame and remove the glass. I slid the glass behind a bookcase for the time-being. not sure if i'll find another use for it or not.
- now, it's simply a matter of putting the sheet of galvanized steel in the picture frame and putting the picture frame back together - without the glass, ofcourse.
- don't forget to add a special message with your magnetic letters.

what do you think - so simple, right?

what diy project have you tackled lately that was on your to do list? i'd love to see it - leave me a comment w/ a link and i'll be sure to check it out.

have a great weekend!


document the bump: 30 weeks.

wow! another long week...

how far along am I? 30 weeks.
weight gain? 138-141 lbs. this is starting to get just a tiny bit ridiculous. lol...
how am I feeling? fine, aside from the acid reflux.
what am I thinking? my thoughts are all over the place - from i'm seriously not looking forward to labor and delivery to I can't believe i'm gaining weight this quickly. lol...
this week's shopping list? stopped at the store on my way home from work the other day to buy velveeta shells and cheese and fruity pebbles. what a combination, right?
what am I eating? velveeta shells and cheese, turkey and cheese, fruity pebbles, cheesecake, chicken alfredo.
cravings? velveeta shells and cheese.
what am I looking forward to? um, is 10 weeks from now a valid answer?
what's on my to do list? finish up the last few projects in the little guy's room.
baby gaga says? "Woohoo! You can finally see the finish line now that you're in the final quarter of the race!" can't wait!


pregnancy, lack of motivation, and dreaming up another project...

working on the little guy's room is, more or less, about as close as I'm getting to doing anything creative these days. i'm not sure what it is about pregnancy, but i'm definitely not feelin' it... apparently, i'm not the only one. I stumbled across this thread on two peas the other day. please tell me this lack of motivation goes away? lol...

I started pulling canvases for the wall behind the crib. I need to stop at m's and buy a few more, though.

Ordered a rotary cutter and a cutting mat, so I can make my flannel blanket and my rag strip quilt. i'm also thinking about trying to make a navy version of that gray star pillow. I love it! I think i'd love it even more, though, in flannel. from what I've read cotton "frays" and flannel "rags" - two completely different looks - and yes, I do realize that I can be ever-so-slightly compulsive about certain things. lol...

check out the navy herringbone fitted crib sheet. isn't it awesome?

I spent some time dreaming up another project as well - I have the first thing given to the little guy from each of his grandmas and, ofcourse, from me. I also have pics of us with each set of grandparents on the day we got married - I want to frame those two pics for him. i'm also thinking about framing his ultrasound pic. all of those things will go on his shelf and, eventually, get packed away into a sort of "time capsule," along with some other pictures and, probably, keepsakes - the outfit he wears home from the hospital, etc.


I stumbled across this free, downloadable print from the caravan shoppe. I want to get it printed, maybe, 16x20 and frame it.

so, at this point, what's left?

- fitted sheet/changing pad cover/boppy cover. they should be here any day now
- make the canvases for the wall behind the crib*
- crochet blanket*
- put together his galvanized shelf
- go pick up the gray pouf I ordered
- make a galvanized magnet board*
- still waiting for a few things from etsy - a custom mixed media canvas and my stuffed monster.
- make a flannel blanket and a rag strip quilt when my fabric gets here*

if you missed my post last week, you can check it out here. definitely lots of progress, but nothing particularly creative...

did your creativity still keep flowing as you got farther and farther along in your pregnancy? leave me a comment and let me know.

have a great week!


document the bump: 29 weeks.

I ordered the most adorable stuffed monster from etsy. can't wait for it to show up. i'm going to put it in the little guy's room. lol...


how far along am I? 29 weeks.
weight gain? 137 to 138 lbs.
how am I feeling? eating tums like candy, but otherwise, ok...
what am I thinking? 10 weeks to go - hard to believe! i'm excited to meet the little guy, but kind of nervous about what's to come...
what am I eating? chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, velveeta shells and cheese - yes, I'm a creature of habit.  
what am I looking forward to? crossing the last thing off my never-ending to do list.
how's the little one doing? he's good. had an ob appt. yesterday - his heart rate is 150 bpm. his growth is, apparently, right on track.  
what's on my to do list? ordered fabric from fabric.com - want to make a rag strip quilt...
what I'm wearing? hello maternity clothes! I ordered some things from old navy - a few maternity tees and another maxi skirt. guess that's going to be my wardrobe for the remainder of my pregnancy. none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me these days.  
baby gaga says? "Less than three months till your wee babe's birthday and the return of your body to normal human proportions!" can't wait! lol...


little man - a quick makeover...

I found this little wall hanging at target a few weeks ago...

I loved everything except for the color - it was white, so I painted it navy.

have you given anything a quick makeover lately? leave me a comment and tell me about it.

have a great day!


progress, a quick peak, and upcoming projects...

so, I've been mia for weeks now. aside from my document the bump posts, I really haven't been doing much of anything. spending completely asinine amounts of time on facebook and that's about it.

at any rate, here's a quick peak at the little guy's room thus far...

oh, and the fabric I bought tonight as well... isn't it awesome?

so, what's left to do in here?

- fitted sheet/changing pad cover/boppy cover. they should be here any day now
- make the canvases for the wall behind the crib*
- crochet blanket*
- put together his galvanized shelf
- go pick up the gray pouf I ordered
- make a galvanized magnet board*
- still waiting for a few things from etsy - a custom mixed media canvas and my stuffed monster.
- make a flannel blanket and a rag strip quilt when my fabric gets here*

here's my final inspiration board, if you're curious - the little guy's room - white?

we're down to somewhere between seven and twelve weeks, mostly depending on him... the things I asterisked, i'd like to do individual posts about. i'll, ofcourse, also do a post about his space when it's finished along with sources. I may do a separate post w/ links to all the handmade stuff I've ordered as well... I'm definitely spending a lot of time on etsy these days. lol...

what have you been up to lately? leave me comment and let me know.

have a great week!


document the bump: 28 weeks.

what a week!

how far along am I? 28 weeks.
weight gain? 133 to 137 lbs.
how am I feeling? this week hasn't been quite as bad. still have acid reflux. still sleeping on the couch...
what am I thinking? i'm thinking there's a whole lot about labor and delivery that I am definitely not looking forward to. i'm also starting to really think about what I want out of a birth experience, especially knowing i'm, more than likely, not having any more kids...
what am I eating? lots of different things - I made cheese stuffed crust pizza one night. dh made meatloaf w/ fries and gravy another night. today, I ate the hot dog shoppe for lunch. the other night, we ate jerry's for dinner.
cravings? still eating chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.
what am I looking forward to? meeting the little guy.
how's the little one doing? he's apparently enjoying wedging himself into places he doesn't fit.
what's on my to do list? a few finishing touches in his room, particularly the canvases I've been thinking about for the last 5 months...
anything else I want to remember? passed my 1 hr. glucose test, thankfully. my blood sugar was 112 mg/dL.
baby gaga says? "For the time being, your little genius is in the fat collection business!" lovely! we all know what that means, don't we? rapid weight gain and possibly stretch marks...


document the bump: 27 weeks.

for the last few weeks, I've been working on a space for the little guy...

as it stands right now - if we brought a baby home today, we could probably make do w/ just a quick trip to the grocery store. yes, I'm ocd like that. I swore I'd be done by 30-32 weeks, so I could relax some before he makes his grand entrance into this world, and I'm right on track to hit that goal. lol...

there are a few things I'm still waiting for to finish up his room and a few other odds 'n ends that I need to buy. other than that, though, I'm just about done - he has a place to sleep, food to eat (well, in theory, atleast), and clothes to wear.


how far along am I? 27 weeks.
weight gain? the last time I checked, I'd actually lost a few lbs. - from 135 to 133lbs.
how am I feeling? i'll spare you the graphic details. let's just say there's a reason I'm losing weight at this point. hello acid reflux... unfortunately, you appear to have settled in for the long-haul...
what am I thinking? I'm thinking I'm not getting a reprieve from the acid reflux until this baby drops and it's my understanding that could be another 6-8 weeks yet. ick!
what am I eating? lots of turkey, cheese, bread, milk, ice cream - anything I can find that doesn't make matters worse...
cravings? chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, girl scout thin mints
what am I looking forward to? am i allowed to say no more acid reflux? notice the theme of this week's post? lol...
how's the little one doing? he's just peachy... from what the dr. said the other day, he's right where he should be, growth-wise. his heart rate was 148 bpm. so, funny story - he's generally fairly quiet during the day. I guess he spends most of the day sleeping while i go about my business at work. tuesday, though, I spent my morning at home on the couch sick with thor's head on my belly and the little guy apparently wasn't particularly thrilled about it. for hours, he punched and kicked us. thor just laid there the entire time and ignored him. silly dog! lol...
what's on my to do list? continue nesting...
anything else I want to remember? tried to put my rings back on the other day - that's not happenin'.
baby gaga says? "Your not-so-tiny-anymore baby (2 pounds and 14.5 inches long!) is slowly rotating in preparation to “head out” for the grand entrance on their birthday!" can't wait!


document the bump. second trimester.

thought i'd spend a bit of time reflecting on my second trimester.

we're getting there - 7 months down, 3 months to go...  can you believe it?

my second trimester was filled with milestones - hearing my baby's heartbeat via dopplar for the first time, the anatomy scan and finding out we were having a boy, feeling him move around and kick more and more, and starting to put together a space for the little guy...

i remember being so nervous, waiting not-so-patiently, wondering if i'd ever actually get to hear his heart beat. i had an appointment scheduled, but something came up and i needed to reschedule it, so that meant waiting a few more weeks. lol... i finally got to hear it at about 14 weeks.

at 18 weeks, we got to schedule the anatomy scan/gender ultrasound. i watched the ultrasound tech go over every last inch of his little body. i remember her saying that, as far as they could see, he was healthy. she said he was definitely a boy, which i knew at 6 weeks. no one else believed me at that point, though - maternal instinct, maybe?

in january, I got asked for the first time when I was due by a complete stranger. the woman caught me off guard and I had to stop and think about it for a second. lol... guess by that point, it really was kind of obvious.

one of the best parts of my second trimester was feeling him move inside of me. at first, I wasn't sure that's what it actually was - gas, maybe? lol... my dr, confirmed it for me at one of my appointments, though. it was definitely him. a little earlier, I guess, than what a lot of women can feel movement, but... i'm really not surprised. since then, he's gotten a lot stronger. he absolutely hates when I sit still - I was sick the other day and I could literally feel him for hours on end - he didn't settle until I got up and started moving around.

in the last few weeks, I've started planning and putting together a space for the little guy. i'm no where near finished yet, but he has furniture and basic necessities, so... hoping to pull everything else together sometime soon.

so, overall, how did my second trimester go?

the worst of it has been my rib and acid reflux. the migraines seem to have subsided some, atleast for the moment, so... the up and down thing is getting a bit trickier - a lot of people have said i'm "all belly." lol...

I got the pleasure of doing the 1 hr. glucose test today. here's to hoping everything's okay with that. I seriously don't think i'd make it through the 3 hr. test. I can't handle needles on an empty stomach. i'm finally to the point of having an ob appt. every 2 weeks. the little guy seems to be developing right on track.

i'm starting to feel huge - and, from what I hear, I still have a whole lot more growing to do.

hello third trimester!